Black Bachelor Party


by Molly




A white wife finds out that a black Bachelor party can

be very erotic and satisfying.




Spontaneous happenings are sometimes the best of life's

little diversions, and I love it when my sexual needs

are satisfied in a spontaneous manner. This story is

about one of those times when my military husband was

deployed overseas and I had taken a job at a local

store where some nice young college men were employed

on a part time basis.


Our son was in college in another city so I was a home

alone wife for a year, the year started of with boredom

and developed into one of the best years of my life,

well at least I enjoyed it very much. Throughout my

married life I have had opportunities to cheat and my

self-control sometimes seems to take a back seat to my

sexual desires. Sometimes I ask myself if I am a normal



Men are the ones who are characterized as having

"wandering eyes" and tend to roam around and stray from

time to time. Well I think women have those urges as

well: they are just not thought of as being that way.

For every man that cheats, there is a woman who helps

him cheat so I guess other women have those urges as

well as I do. Women tend to be less open about it and

discuss it less with other women.


I had become friendly with a couple of the young black

guys at work. We seemed to get along very well and they

were attentive to me and I felt that they liked what

they saw in this older wife and mom. I could see their

eyes feasting on me from time to time, those subtle

glances at my breast as we chatted and the looks as we

passed each other. Sometimes at the breaks the guys

would chat about girls and what they thought was sexy



One of their black friends was getting married. Andy,

one of my black friends at work, was the best man and

was charged with planning the "Bachelor Party". They

were telling me how they had a hotel suite all set up

with alcohol and a white stripper for the Brothers.

They were kidding about how they were going to get the

bridegroom drunk and take his picture with the white

stripper as a joke.


Time passed and on Friday before the bachelor party on

Saturday night, they were telling me how they were in a

panic. The stripper had cancelled as there was some

kind of mix up on the booking and they did not have a

replacement and it had to be a white stripper as that

is what all the guys wanted as it had become sort of a

custom at the black bachelor parties. Andy jokingly

turned to me, and said, "How would you like to make

$500 tomorrow night?"


"What! Five hundred dollars? What do I have to do for

that? That is more than I make in two weeks here," I



"The stripper usually puts on a show and stays around

and lets all the guys get a good feel. Nothing more

than that," Andy said.


"No, not me. I could not strip for you guys and besides

everyone would then know me. I am married and don't

need that. I don't know how to strip. I'm too old

anyway. You guys need a young white gal to do this."


"You are very sexy and attractive, Molly, and all the

Bros would love you. As you know, Bros are very

attracted to white wives, especially ones with a nice

figure like yours," Andy said.


"Cut it out now, geeeeeeeeee that would be hot but I

can't do it. Maybe you can get someone else, Andy"


"Oh please, Molly. Just come in something sexy and wear

a party mask. You will not have to strip. Just help mix

and serve drinks. There may be some adult movies shown.

Guess you have seen them before. No one will know who

you are but Rick and I, (my other black friend who was



"Yes Molly. You will be great. Please do it. We need

you," Rick said.


I looked at both Rick and Andy and saw two handsome

black friends who needed me to help them out and the

thought was not at all revolting. "Well, I will

consider it and let you know tomorrow morning the first

thing." I could see a smile on their faces, as they

looked me up and down already undressing me in their



As I lay in bed that night my mind was occupied with

the thoughts of being at a stag party of young black

studs who wanted nothing more than to party with a

white woman and have some fun. I let my hand go into my

panties and play as I thought of what I would expect

from some young guys who wanted to get to pinch a white

woman. I finally thought of a bunny costume if I could

find one with a bunny mask covering my face. Yes that

would be hot and the guys could see most of my assets

and a friendly feel would be nice. OK, damn it all, I

will do it, I decided.


I went to work the next morning and told the guys of my

decision and took the afternoon off work to get ready

for the bachelor party. I was very excited now, as I

though of me being an older white wife and mom and

being the center of attraction at a black brother's

bachelor party.


I hurried to the costume store and they must have

thought me a nut as I found a bunny costume and tried

it on. It fit perfectly and I looked very sexy in it.

It was two-piece bikini and was very skimpy. The cups

up front pushed my lobes up and left my nipples peeking

over the cup, wow I was hot. As I tried the costume on

and looked at myself in the mirror, I could feel the

heat building in my thighs. I knew it was going to be

one hot party.


The party was scheduled to start at 10 PM and I arrived

early to get set up and dressed. When I emerged, I

could see that Andy and Rick were impressed as they

both gave me a hugs and slapped me on my butt, with

appropriate compliments. I got ready to serve the

drinks as the guests arrived in a group and all greeted

me by saying things like, "Wow, nice tail; honey. You

are one hot bunny. Baby, I'm going Easter egg hunting

with you." Most gave me a rub, which I welcomed.


As the party got going, I had a couple of drinks and

felt loose. Most of the guys were feeling good as well

and the adult movies were being shown as I served them

drinks. The movies were 'black guys with white gals'

doing everything one could imagine.


The guys were really getting horny and feeling their

cocks, some actually exposed themselves and jacked as

they watched. One guy managed to untie my halter strap

and off came my top freeing my breasts. I actually did

not mind as the guys playfully pinched my nips and

kisses them as I served more drinks.


The time finally came to take the picture with the

bridegroom and me. The guys held him on the bed (he was

not offering much resistance) as I moved over him and

put a breast in his face, then they took his hard cock

out of his pants and I gleefully sucked it as the

camera flashes went off. I was so horny myself now that

I suckled it till it exploded and spurted all over him

and me. Every one roared in laughter as I withdrew and

went to the bathroom to clean up some.


The drinks ran out, the movies were over, and Andy

announced the party was over at around 2 AM. The guys,

who were still somewhat sober, thanked me with a hug

and kisses, and a little pelvic rub, while their hands

squeezed my butt. Finally the only ones left in the

room were I and Andy and Rick. I sank to the couch as

Andy sat with me and pulled me to him, and announcing

that he was waiting for this moment so he could really

show me what he had wanted to show me ever since he met



"Oh Andy, honey, you should not tempt me this way. I am

so horny from the guys touching me and watching some of

those hot black and white movies." With that, Andy held

me close kissing me deeply and placed my hand on his

erection, which felt huge to me. I knew I wanted it

more than I had ever wanted a cock before in my life. I

had not had one since my hubby left two months before

on deployment. I was barely aware that Rick was

watching from across the room as Andy and I started

reaching for each other as our hands roved over the

other's bodies.


I started unbuttoning Andy's shirt as I felt the kinky

black hair on his chest. I moved my hand down and

unbuckled his pants as he played with my white breast

nibbling and caressing them. He reached down and pulled

his pants off along with his under shorts with one

movement. I looked now at his beautiful black rod, as

it seemed to invite me to pay it more attention. I

moved down with my lips and took the head into my mouth

as Andy moaned. I saw Rick out of the corner of my eye

as he was holding his black rod and gently moved his

hand up and down his shaft.


Without a word, Andy and I both stood and walked into

the bedroom and onto the bed as I moved over his black

naked body and placed my white woman's honey pot over

his face as I again took his black rod into my mouth

savoring every inch I could manage. I played with his

balls as they slipped around in his black sack. I knew

they were full of black sperm as I run my fingers

through his black kinky pubic hair. My hips were moving

gently in a circular motion as Andy eagerly licked my

clit and pushed his tongue inside. It felt good in my

vagina but I needed more.


Then I felt the bed give some and saw that Rick was now

naked and was on the bed with us. He was now playing

with my upraised butt, moving his hand all over my

bottom and felt my wet vulva. I then felt his rod

seeking entry between my wet lips and into my vagina

pushing deep inside me. Andy's tongue on my clit and

Rick's black cock pushing deep into me was driving me



I was now being attended to my two hard black cocks and

they both were making me one horny white wife. I had

never felt so good in my memory. I knew that my two

black lovers were eager to shoot their loads into me at

any moment. Rick was pounding me hard and deep as Andy

was pushing and grinding against my face with his

manhood. I knew that they were ready to explode and

when they did, I would go off like a rocket.


First Andy started to stiffen as his black rod started

pumping his seed into my waiting mouth. I was not

entering into my orgasm as the sperm filled my mouth. I

was going crazy with lust as Rick then thrust deep and

held his cock at my cervix spewing his black seed deep

into my eagerly waiting womb. He grunted and thrust and

held and grunted and thrust and held as his cock

pulsated with each stroke, as I shook all over, and

went stiff and then collapsed in exhaustion and smiled

as I told myself that this old white wife had just

taken all two young black studs could give her.


As Andy went soft, I let his black sex took slip out of

my lips. Rick was relaxed on my back as I felt his rod

slowly slip out and he then laid down on one side of

the bed as I rolled to the middle and Andy found room

on the other side, Here I was, laying between two of

the best studs I had ever been with. I then went to

sleep like a baby awaking at dawn as the sun came

through the top window.


I looked over at my two lovers as they lay sleeping

beside me. Both were jet-black, and handsome muscular

men. Their skins glistened in the morning sun as I

remembered the evening and how I had come to be in this

position. I was sure glad the other white gal had

cancelled. I noted their now limp resting tools and

smiled as I thought of how a white wife could make

those black rods stand up and pay attention to her hot

ass whenever she wanted. I was thinking of how

wonderful the rest of the year was going to be until my

hubby returned home to reclaim his black fucked wife.


I knew that my southern born hubby would be outraged at

the idea that his wife was giving herself to black

studs while he was gone. Of course I would never tell

him but I was sure the thought of my newfound sex life

would give me lots to think about when my hubby was

getting his living. I got up, dressed, and left my

black lovers sleeping.


The next Monday, when I arrived at work, Andy and Rick

greeted me in a very friendly manner and both were

anxious to know if I enjoyed the evening. I assured

them that it was the greatest evening of my life. With

that they seemed relieved and asked if I would consider

a private party for next Saturday night with just the

two of them. I smiled and winked and looked around to

see if anyone was looking. No one was around at the

moment, so I patted the both of them in the crotch and

replied, "Only if I can have these," and giggled.


Saturday night parties were common at Andy and Rick's

place till my hubby returned home. I really enjoyed

having the two of them at once. We usually did the same

thing each time, except the two of them switched

positions each time. We watched movies nearly every

time we met, and I got addicted to the black and white

movies. The movies got me so horny that I was ready and

dripping by the time we got into bed, Of course the

guys were just as horny.







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