Introducing a New Wife
by KarenKay 
Story about a husband and wife being introduced into 
interracial swinging and the husband becoming a 
Iím Karen and if you know me than you are aware that 
Iím a white slut housewife for black cock and there is 
nothing I like to do better than introduce another hot 
wife to black cock. My good friend which I call the New 
Jersey Slut because she has always had an interest in 
meeting black men.
We had one problem we had to take care of before we 
could find her a black lover and that was to convince 
her husband to allow his wife to fuck a black man. 
I made a suggestion for her to play a few of my DVDís 
one weekend so her husband could see how much fun I 
have with my own husband and my black lovers. I even 
gave her my DVD showing how I got pregnant with a black 
baby while filming a video.
She thought it might be a little too much for her 
husband to see and worried that if he saw me pregnant 
with a black baby than he would not allow her to screw 
a black man. I convinced her to allow him to see the 
video of me with my swollen belly and how my husband 
encourages me and plays out his roll as my cuckold.
Two weeks after I lent them my DVDís, I got a call from 
her husband wanting to know if I could fix up his wife 
with one of my black lovers. I picked a really nice guy 
from New York who happened to be hung like a horse and 
was looking to break in a new couple into interracial 
His fantasy fit exactly what I was looking for because 
he wanted to meet a white couple who had an interest in 
cuckolding the husband.
We set everything up for the following weekend and my 
husband and I would be there to encourage them and make 
the husband more comfortable watching his wife getting 
screwed by a black stud for the very first time.
We all arrived at the hotel and my friend was dressed 
as I expected in a skimpy white dress with heels. Her 
husband looked nervous but sat down with my husband as 
we all had a few drinks. 
My husband began setting up his camera equipment while 
my friend got better acquainted with the black guy I 
had picked out for them. The husband was really getting 
scared now as he watched his wife begin to kiss her new 
He sat as stiff as a board in the chair as his eyes 
remained glued to his wife and the black stud sitting 
on the edge of the bed. I sat down next to him and put 
my hand on his crotch and felt his cock hard under his 
pants and began to point out how excited he was 
becoming watching his wife kiss the black man.
I began to explain to him how much my husband enjoyed 
watching me making love with black men and how he got 
excited the same way. I told him to go ahead and pull 
his pants off so he could play with his cock while we 
watched his wife being seduced.
Remembering how excited my husband was the very first 
time, he saw me making love to a black man and later 
how excited he was telling me all the details including 
how he watched a black cock entering my tight white 
pussy for the very first time. I told him to 
concentrate on his wife and her black stud and forget 
that my husband and I were even in the room.
We sat and watched the black stud feeling her tits and 
making his wife knee down to kiss and lick his cock. 
Once she got his cock wet, the black stud made her 
climb up onto his lap where she sat on his cock.
I kept watching her husband and seeing him playing with 
his stiff cock, I knew he was extremely turned on 
watching his wife being ordered to perform for this 
black man. The sound of her wet pussy could be heard 
throughout the room as his wife bounced herself on top 
of her black stud.
After several minutes of deep screwing, the black stud 
motioned for the husband to come over and closely watch 
how is thick black cock stretched his wifeís pussy. The 
next command came when he asked the husband to bend 
down and lick his wifeís pussy and ass while he 
continued to screw the wife.
I sat and watched as her husband began licking her 
pussy being careful not to touch the black manís cock 
as he licked around her pussy. After licking all around 
his wifeís ass, the black stud held onto the wife and 
turned her over onto her back and began pounding her 
Seeing this huge black stud screwing a wife in front of 
her husband for the very first time was very exciting 
and what gave it additional stimulation was that the 
husband was now standing next to the bed stroking his 
own cock and ready to cum as he watched his wife being 
screwed in front of him.
I walked closer to the bed to give her husband more 
encouragement but he was so excited that it didnít 
matter very much so I turned and watched my own husband 
holding the video camera and playing with his own cock 
as he does many times watching me getting screwed.
The wife was begging her black lover to fuck her hard 
and deep and cum was clearly visible around the big 
cock pushing deep inside her pussy. I wasnít sure if he 
had cum inside her at that point but it looked messy as 
we all watched her getting herself screwed.
 After watching them screw for several minutes, the 
black stud let out a loud yell as he finally shot a 
large load of cum deep inside her belly. After holding 
himself deep inside her pussy for a couple minutes, he 
finally backed out of her pussy until his cock sprung 
free from its tight confines with a plop.
The black stud remained above her for several seconds 
while my husband moved in closer with his camera. The 
large amount of cum that was shot into her pussy was 
puddled up inside her pussy and I could see the thick 
white seed from several feet away from the bed.
I was surprised when I saw her husband get down between 
his wifeís legs and watched as he began to lick and eat 
the black manís seed from his wifeís pussy. He 
continued to lick his wifeís pussy clean as her lover 
began kissing her as he laid down on the bed next to 
Once the husband finished licking her pussy clean, the 
black stud motioned for the husband to move back out of 
his way so he could turn the wife over onto her belly 
where he positioned himself to screw her doggie style.
The husband reached out and played with his wifeís tits 
as they jiggled with each thrust of her black lover 
inside her pussy. The black stud kept screwing the wife 
for several minutes until he finally shot another large 
load into her pussy and as he backed out, the husband 
leaned down and was ready to lick her pussy clean 
After her husband finished licking out her pussy again, 
she turned over onto her back and rested as her husband 
laid down next to her leaving the black stud for me. 
Thatís a whole story on its own but I have to admit 
that I couldnít wait to sample this manís huge thick 
black cock myself.
I felt very proud that evening knowing that I was able 
to introduce another white wife and her husband into 
the world of swinging with black men.
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