Large Cock Taxi Driver
by John 
I wanted to show off my wife's body to this black taxi 
driver, but she got so turned-on by it that she 
couldn't help herself. 
I had a fantasy about having sex in a taxi with my 
wife, showing off her body and getting the driver so 
turned-on that he would jack off so she could watch it, 
and I'd get even more turned-on knowing she was so hot. 
I finally one day after many weeks of replaying that 
fantasy in my head I set it up with a cab driver I'd 
used earlier in the day to come home from the airport, 
it would be when we went out of town over that weekend. 
It happened like this, there were some taxis parked 
outside of our hotel so I slipped outside and asked one 
driver, a large older black fellow, (The one we'd used 
to get to the hotel) how much it would cost to drive us 
around sight seeing for 45 minutes. He said $50.00. 
I told him what I had in mind, and he said, "As long as 
I gets my money I didn't care what you do to your 
wife." I told him there would be an extra $50.00 in it 
for him if he would jack off in front of my wife. He 
said he had no problem with that. 
I told my wife we were finally going to take that 
"special" taxi ride we've talked about. Of course she 
tried to back out, but finally after a lot of 
convincing she got dressed up in a short skirt and 
flimsy blouse. I knew she wanted this as badly as me; 
she just couldn’t make herself say it. 
We had a few drinks already and I poured her one more 
for the road so she wouldn't too nervous. When we got 
in the cab she started breathing heavily, almost 
hyperventilating, I knew she was really excited.
As we pulled away from the curb I noticed my wife eying 
the cabby, then I noticed her hand started to rub my 
cock through my trousers. I told our cabby that we 
would like to drive to someplace isolated and maybe 
park. My wife was breathing hard now.
Our cabby started to drive and my wife undid my pants 
and pulled out my semi- hard cock and started jacking 
me off as she made small talk with our cabby. I could 
see his eyes in the rear-view mirror watching her 
masturbating me. Then she then stopped and leaned 
forward and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her pert 
tits and hard nipples, while looking at his eyes in the 
mirror as if she was simply taking off her coat.
That's when she stopped talking and leaned down and put 
her face in my lap and began rubbing my now hard as a 
rock cock against her face and lips. Seeing this, our 
cabby pulled behind some bushes in a nearby park and 
turned off the engine. He moved around in his seat so 
he could look over it at us.
I could tell he was undoing his pants, and when my wife 
heard the "zzzzip!" sound she sat and looked over at 
him. I could see the cabby's half-erect cock in his 
hand in the reflection of the windshield. It looked 
pretty damn big.
My wife watched him as if hypnotized by the stroking 
rhythm he made jerking on his big dick. That's when 
things really started to go crazy. My lovely wife 
leaned up against the seat, mashing her naked tits into 
the seat back and reached over it put one hand on his 
thigh and the other between her legs. Then as she 
massaged his big black boner she called over her 
shoulder to me to lick her from behind.
I scrunched behind her and did as she'd requested, but 
before too long half her body was hanging over the seat 
back. That made it easier for me to get at her pussy, 
but I wanted to know what was going on, on the other 
side of the seat.
I looked up into the rear-view mirror and could see 
that she was now masturbating that giant purple-black 
cock-head with both hands now, only inches from her 
open mouth.
I was a shocked seeing that massive cock in her tiny 
white hands as she stroked it and moving her mouth 
closer. But I had to accept that she was only doing 
what I'd asked her to do and I had to admit that it 
looked really hot. I spread her legs and really went to 
town on her pussy that was sticking up in the air.
She moaned and tensed and began having an orgasm, it 
shook her body and I looked in the mirror to see her 
place her lips over that big black head while still 
jacking him off, faster and faster.
I watched fascinated, not believing what I was seeing. 
She was only supposed to watch him jack off and now 
she's sucking his big cock like she was starved for it! 
Then I went a little light-headed when my beautiful 
wide, stopped sucking the man and told him to come to 
the back with us. What the hell was going to happen 
now? I wondered.
The cabby clambered over the seat to sit between us and 
he immediately started fingering my wife's slit and 
leaned down to suck on a nipple. That's when my wife 
grabbed my very hard cock and started giving me the 
best blow job I've ever had. Her move to suck my cock 
pulled her tit away from the cabby's mouth and I 
noticed her ass wiggling in the air as she bobbed her 
head over my hard-on.
No fucking way! She wasn't going to let that huge black 
monster into her tight little pussy was she? But she 
reached around and patted her ass, almost inviting his 
to fuck her. I could see him looking at her exposed 
pussy as it gyrated in front of him. I knew that if I 
were him I'd fuck her, how could any man turn down 
something that looked that inviting.
I saw that man move up to my wife's rear, his cock 
looked even bigger than before; it was as big around as 
my wrist and at least 10-inches long! It slapped down 
on her rump like a big black Salome as he moved up 
behind her. He started rubbing it up and down her 
totally exposed pussy and ass-crack, teasing her until 
she pulled her moth off my throbbing boner and panted, 
"Quite teasing me and fuck me. NOW!"
This all was just about too much for me to process. My 
pretty white wife was going to be fucked bareback by a 
strange black man with the biggest dick I'd ever seen. 
I knew I was about to explode so I made her stop 
sucking me and watched the cabby's black cock stretch 
open my wife's tight pussy.
She gasped as he shoved into her. She went nuts when he 
bottomed out into her hot wet snatch and was writhing 
all over my lap with each one of his deep strokes. 
Things had been really weird, but then they just became 
more so when my panting lust filled wife she turned and 
shouted at the grunting cabby, "Fuck my ass! Pull out 
and shove it into my ass. NOW! Do it NOW!"
He obliged her and pulled out of her dripping pussy and 
pushed back in the other hole in one fluid motion, 
burying himself to the hilt. 
My wife groaned and grabbed the seat material in s 
death grip and she engulfed my cock again, refusing to 
stop sucking me as he hammered her tight white ass like 
a mad man.
Then she shuddered violently as she gasped, "OH FUCK!" 
Over and over again, rearing up as her orgasm ripped 
through her sweet body. The cabby grunted once, then 
twice and a third time as her shot his cum into her 
tightly clenched ass. 
That's when I shot my load deep into her hungry throat. 
It was an amazing moment, all three of us groaning and 
grunting totally into the moment of pleasure we were 
experiencing. Wow!
Afterward, we went back to the hotel. We were tired out 
and took a quick shower and hit the sack. But as I 
drifted off to sleep, I pictured my honey fucking that 
black cabby and knew that we'd be doing it again, soon.
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